Farm Equipment

Suppling farms with agricultural equipment has been one of our specialties for many years and we have served farms of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire for many years. Being suppliers of quality products from Bateman and JFC, you can purchase from our stock of equipment or order to your specific requirements. Having many years experience in the farming industry we can also offer our expertise on choosing the correct equipment for your requirements.

Farm equipment overview

  • Gates, cubicles, feed fence
  • Sheeted doors
  • Circular feed rings
  • Hayrack & mangers
  • Cattle crushers & weighers
  • Sheep racks & troughs
  • Cattle grids
  • Sheep hurdles
  • Calf pens
  • Calf & lamb creeps
  • Galvanised sheet metal
  • Water bowls, troughs and fittings
  • Lamb adaptors
  • Sheep & pig weighers
  • Gate & door furniture

We also supply

  • Underground sewer pipes
  • Hose pipes
  • Alkathene piping & fittings
  • PVC perforated land drain
  • Unperforated land drain
  • Joints, liners etc
  • Aco drains
  • Calf feeder
  • Land drains
  • Thorne Sheepvet
  • Cattle crusher
  • Cattle crusher
  • Cattle crusher